Services of CACC

Acting as a bilateral organisation, the Chamber can provide a comprehensive range of trade services designed to assist companies and individuals in targeting business partners and in solving import/export matters. Czech-Australian Chamber of Commerce has a member in each state of Australia, therefore we can help you with any situation which appears in a place of your interest, for instance with logistics and storage, marketing issues, legal advices etc. The Chamber also tightly cooperates with CzechTrade office in Sydney. Where CzechTrade Sydney competence does not reach, there comes the Chamber and vice versa.  

Our services include:

1. List of potential business partners

2. Promotion of company

3. Commercial assistance

4. Business closure

5. Business start-up


1. List of potential business partners 
The Chamber analyses your request and then creates a customised list of potential business partners. We will provide you with all the main companies details such as name, address, tel/fax, wwww, email, turn over, headcount etc.). Following this, you will have the opportunity to contact them and establish a direct business relationship.

2. Promotion of company
This service consists of a direct promotion of your products and your trade requests. We approache the companies on your behalf and establishe the first contact in order to submit your business proposal.

The main steps of this service are:
- targeting the right partner
- sending of a proposal letter (fax/email) to introduce your company and the products;
- direct (telephone) contact to check any interest from the companies to receive further information;
- sending out promotional materials (brochures, catalogues, samples, etc.) by email or post/courier*;
- follow up to collect a feedback and to eventually stabilise the contact.

You will receive a final report, which includes the profiles of the companies which are interested in establishing a business relationship with you; and following this, you will have the opportunity to contact them directly to start direct negotiation.

3. Commercial assistance
This service involves a complete and ongoing commercial assistance to successfully finalise the agreement. The Chamber contacts the companies on your behalf and then manages all the information requests between you and the potential partners, overcoming the linguistic barriers and the commercial practice differences.

The most critical issues are:
- prices (to be converted in the current value of the counterpart and to be calculated according with the delivery terms and conditions);
- product features (to be verified in compliance with the safety standards of the importing country);
- freight/shipping (to be arranged according with the conservation conditions of the products);
- custom (taxes and duties calculation);
- payments (to be scheduled including a reasonable warranty for the sender).

4. Business closure 
This service is designed to help you to get in contact with your business partner which you are interested in dealing with. The Chamber can approach these companies on your behalf to submit your business proposal (to become their agent or distributor), while also providing the necessary references.

This service process includes:
- approaching the companies to offer them the opportunity to get into your market through an agent/broker/ distributor;
- if they show any interest in this opportunity, the Chamber introduces your proposal and your business plan (at this stage we provide your references and we manage the information requests);
- if they confirm the interest in your proposal and in your profile, the Chamber collects all the basic information and the illustrative materials (products catalogue, prices range, etc.) which you need to start your negotiations with them;
- then, you can directly contact them to finalise an agreement. If requested, the Chamber can also assist you in negotiating and in finding the terms of the agreement (extra consultancy fees will apply).

5. Business start-up
This service is designed to help you in the recruitment of the professionals (agents/salesmen/other) which you need to set your distributing network.

The main steps of this service are:
- identification of the main sector channels (magazines / web sites);
- creating job advertisement, according to the client requests;
- selection of the most effective graphic layouts and presentation;
- collecting submissions and resumes of the candidates;
- analysis and evaluation of the candidacies;
- requesting further information where necessary;
- sorting all the profiles in order of suitability.

You will receive a summary with a brief description of the profiles which totally or partially meet your requirements. Then, we will organise an interview with the professionals which suit you.

For further details and information about our services and fees, please do not hesitate to contact us.