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Re pello® was founded by Jiri Marjan, who is an owner and design engineer of the brand. Re pello is from Latin and it means to head/head off. It symbolizes a movement that children use while riding balance bikes and also to be the first on the list, to lead. We have been creating our unique full suspension balance bike Model J™ since 2015 in the Czech Republic in Mlada Boleslav.
Model J™ is the first full suspension wooden balance bike on the market. Re pello® was the first brand to come out with such a revolutionary solution. Re pello® provides children with unforgetable experience and happiness from riding. It is because of the combination of a design, high quality materials and a very high standart of craftsmanship. Model J™ combines a perfect design, sophisticated ergonomics and a revolutionary suspension system.

Contact: Mr. Jiří Marján, telephone: +420 608 973 616, e-mail:



TEJAS s.r.o. -

Since 1993 Tejas s.r.o. has been engaged in production and research of detection of chemical substances. Initial focus on military products has expanded by the research, development and production of alcohol detection in human breath by chemical means. Fundamental intention was to develop a simple chemical detection of alcohol meeting the criteria for easy operation and maximum safety for everyone. Therefore, from the beginning, we have targeted to replace worldwide commonly used very dangerous and very toxic chromium compounds by a reliable and safe chemical system.
Since 1997 as the ONLY producer in the world we have been producing reliable, safe and environmentally friendly detection tube ALTIK. To achieve maximum accuracy and sensitivity complete disposable alcoholtest set is composed of detection tube ALTIK, measuring balloon and mouthpiece. This set is available in a wide range of packagings. Design of the packaging is adapted to the requirements of customers from many different market segments and usage.
The quality and reliability of ALTIK set is certified by independent laboratory and proved by the use in active Police service throughout European countries. Identical set is used by our customers for various purposes on all continents.

Contact: Ms Martina Koťátková, telephone: +420 483 312 467, e-mail:




The Czech Republic territory has always been associated with glass and its manufacture. Long ago glass was melted there from glass sand in the river basins of several Bohemian rivers. Glass was, however, not only melted but decorated using many techniques.
Blažek Glass Co., which is in its name closely connected with its founder Josef Blažek, has been decorated crystal continuously for almost seven decades. Blažek Glass Co. made good use of their experience in their products and offer both traditional and contemporary modern crystal.
The company has 65 employees and supplies original glass files, traditional decorated crystal, crystal urns, trophies, crystal jewellery and other glass products. Blažek Glass Co. is also very particular about quality of their products and still uses traditional procedures. The basic techniques of manual crystal decoration are manual painting and pen drawing, crystal edging, crystal engraving, crystal cutting and grinding.
In 1997 Blažek Glass Co. produced the first glass file in the world. It attracted attention of both users and experts immediately. Nowadays Blažek Glass Co. supplies their original glass files in a wide range of sizes and decorations to all over the world. Their customers are, among others, the most significant cosmetic companies.
Antibacterial glass nail file the „Antibactif“ is a unique innovation of the original glass nail file, patented by Blažek Glass and manufactured under exclusive license agreement with the owner of the patent rights which are registered in many countries all over the world. The glass nail file is coated with a special layer which in contact with sunlight destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses completely.

Contact: Ms Ilona Růžičková, tepehone: +420 739 301 754, e-mai:




Medical technologies (birthing beds, gynaecological, transport and dialysis chairs)

Railway technology (products for passenger train interior)

;In the area of railway technology BORCAD cz offers a full range of products for passenger train interior. For example, it supplies seats for regional trains servicing all the key airports in Moscow and it is one of the suppliers for the preparations of the 2014 winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Borcad seats are even fitted in the Pendolino trains and most recently in the Leo Express. BORCAD cz cooperates with renowned customers like Siemens, Stadler and Deutsche Bahn.

In the area of medical technologies BORCAD cz focuses on the development, construction and production of birthing beds, gynaecological, transport and dialysis chairs. In these segments the company ranks among the world top brands, a fact well-documented by a series of prestigious design awards. Borcad’s unique products help both patients and medical staff all over the world.

The strength of BORCAD cz stems from its high quality R&D and construction background. All the products can take pride in their unique technical solutions and exquisite design choices. In 2011 the company received the prestigious Red Dot design award for the gynaecology surgery Gracie and a year later for the design of the luxury seat for the Comfort trains.




COMPEX Ltd. has been on market over 24 years specializing at professional cosmetic and medical devices including wellness centre equipment. Jett Plasma Lift is modern, trendy cosmetic machine produced in the European Union. It uses the revolutionary technology for professional cosmetic treatment, and the results are coming immediately after the first treatment.

COMPEX Ltd. is looking for an importer in Australia

Contact: Mr. Jiří Hladík, telephone: +420 725 385 074, e-mail:




Czech Agricultural and transportation machinery Ltd. (ZDT Nové Veselí) has extensive experience of more than 20 years in the production of agricultural machines, maintenance of semi-trailers and manufacturing of steel structures.

The conception of exchange system MEGA line has become the main technology and it has become widely used in farming in the Czech Republic and our export destinations - e.g. Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark.

We are looking for new business partners in Australia and New Zealand.

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